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Get Famous and Do Some Other Good Stuff

Seattle Council, MoveOn has turned Washington State into a priority campaign. That means leave the laundry unfolded and the dirty dishes in the sink and get out there to Patty Murray’s campaign office where you are desperately needed. Paper plates ’till Nov 3!


In other news: Yes on 1-1098 (income tax for the rich) is canvassing tomorrow with a 60 Minutes crew in tow–no kidding. Don’t forget this is a VALUES debate–do we want health care and education to be adequately funded in Washington State, or do we do all sorts of handwringing about the opposition’s “slippery slope” arguments (“vote for this and soon you’ll be turning your first born child over to the state!–give them an inch…”) I don’t make anywhere near the target income, but please, someone, come and tax me so our state can do what it is supposed to do–the bidding of the voters. Tax! Please! Go and be famous. Details here:


Then spend the rest of the month working on Patty Murray’s campaign, please. Really. Oh yes, and Tuesday at noon we’ll be hosting a press conference to release data documenting the INSANE amounts of money coming into this election. It comes from corporations, via right wing organizations, for the purpose of purchasing a politician, in this case Rossi. Giant corporations are handing over buckets of cash to get their pet candidate into office. Rossi will be expected to do the bidding of his corporate sponsors, legislating so more wealth and power get funneled toward the already fabulously wealthy. He’ll be more than happy to do this as he has nothing but contempt for regular people anyways. Come by 5th and University Tuesday the 12th at noon to participate in delivering our damning report to the press.
Sandra VanderVen
Seattle MoveOn Council Coordinator